Coshcast Season 2 Ep 26: Uno, Bas Dost, Tres, Quatro

Welcome to Episode 26! Are you ready! On the count of … four

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It’s the Coshcast putting you on blast like Wolfsburg did Leverkusen in the first half. More from the Bundesliga later.

It was FA Cup weekend in England, and while Stoke got knocked out by the King, Moreno became a dancing Queen as Liverpool beat Crystal Palace. Meanwhile Middleborough couldn’t handle it as Arsenal pressed them, and United face Preston.

There’s a European roundup – Moyes still can’t win a game, Milan still can’t win a game, Podolski lasts 90 minutes without collapsing and Dortmund make Mainz meat of their opposition.. It’s all going off.

Join us for a while and we’ll leave you with a smile..

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