Month: July 2014

Coshcast Ep 29: Transfer Rumours & Rumours about Transfers

Welcome to Episode 29 of the CoshCast! Subscribe on iTunes: It’s Friday night, we’re feeling alright and the Coshcast is here for you when all other football podcasts have stopped for the summer. What does that say about us? Or them? or you?! Friendlies, transfer rumours, and rumours about […]

EPL Top Squads: A Midsummer’s Report

With the World Cup now over we find ourselves adjusting to life temporarily without any competitive football on the fixtures list. This is the part of the summer that leaves a fair few folk, myself included, with chronic footballing withdrawal symptoms. However, at the very least we’ve got some interesting […]

Coshcast Ep 28: Transfer Rumor Madness

Welcome to Episode 28 of the CoshCast! Subscribe on iTunes: Finally the Cosh boys are all together again. The world cup is over and Germany have added world football to car manufacturing and the the Greek economy on the list of things they have control over. Now that’s […]