Month: July 2013

The Failure to Attract

With the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, is Manchester United still capable of attracting the best talent the world has to offer? United are probably the biggest club in the world in terms of fan base and battle Real Madrid for richest overall sports franchise year on year. […]

German Engineering

Image and appeal are everything in today’s world. The image of a player, the image of a club, and ultimately the image of a league make up the footballing experience.┬áThis creates a sense of excitement for paying supporters who provide revenue through TV deals and match day income. […]


Seven years ago, Turin was an incredibly sad place. Smiles were in short supply, dreams were shattered, and it seemed all hope was lost. The impact of the 2006 Italian Football scandal, commonly referred to as Calciopoli, was felt far and wide. Juventus were relegated to Serie B, […]

Merseyside Rising

The competitiveness of the English Premier League is a complicated affair. In seasons past, there was the top 4: United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool. In more recent seasons, Manchester City and Tottenham have muscled their way to challenging for honors while Liverpool have reached a point of transition. […]