Month: August 2013

Rishay’s Rants Vol. 1

Couple of things going on in the world of soccer as usual that make me tick. Let’s finally put this blog to good use and express my opinions in unhindered fashion: Firstly, Arsenal’s reported interest in Di Maria and now Rooney again. Everytime Arsenal makes a foray into […]

Saint Iker comes down to Earth

The battle for Real Madrid’s soul was waged between then manager in Jose Mourinho and legend Iker Casillas. The dressing room was split in two and the fans were split right down the middle as well. This was clearly an unhealthy environment for any club and the season […]

Business or Pleasure

A new season has begun, and as with all seasons, the transfer market preceding it has set the course for the tabloid frenzy that fuels the fanatic freaks of the game like us. As fans, do we just follow what rumors are stirred up by journalists or are […]

Domesticated Lions

There has been a lot written about the state of English football. We know that England have failed to play with any type of attacking verve in the last 3 major tournaments. It’s a shame really. Amongst other factors, its no surprise when you know that only 36% […]