Payet gives everyone a rabona

Welcome to Season 4, Episode 5!

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It was an action packed Saturday in the Premier League as Pep’s City play football from another planet and leave Manchester United very much like Saturn – with rings run around them, despite Claudio Bravo’s best attempts to ruin everything.

Elsewhere Watford stage a comeback as big as Troy Deeney while Payet gives everyone a massive rabona. Sturridge encourages for Liverpool as they basically whip out their dilly dongs against Leicester, Arsenal & Spurs win in contrasting styles and Bournemouth do humanity a favour by edging Tony Pulis towards unemployment.

There’s also a round up of some of the weekend’s top games from around Europe including Juventus, PSG – which if you didn’t know stands for Probably Sacking the Gaffer – and Barcelona, who lose control of Alaves for the first time since Dani requested to leave in the summer.

The quiz, Mumu of the Week and Toronto FC make us whole. Forward march.

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