Gary & Phil Neville can save English football

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We hope you listen to our podcast (above). We really do. But sometimes one has to promote an alternative. If you haven’t already subscribed to it, Graham Hunter’s The Big Interview is one of the best football podcasts around. Hunter’s candid conversations with players, managers and analysts lift the lid on the world of football and gave an insight into the character and daily lives of the figures we watch and analyse week after week.

The subject of the first episode was Gary Neville. Not a bad start. The subject of the most recent (at the time of writing) was Phil Neville. It is through listening to these two interviews that I feel confident enough to say that the Nevilles can save English football, if given the chance.

I’m not sure quite what that chance looks like – whether it is in an administrative capacity with the FA, for example, or in coaching roles in academies, clubs or with England. But one way or another the two of them have the knowledge, determination, values and open mindedness to fix the apathy, short-sightedness and mismanagement that have haunted the English game for so long and produced a Premier League increasingly devoid of English talent and a national team increasingly unable to compete.

To hear them talk about the education of young players, about the work ethic they instill in their own children, about the countless hours they voluntarily put into learning Spanish as quickly as possible, about the way they would like their teams to play and their players behave, makes one sit up and take notice. It is infectious. It makes one want to stand up and shout “preach” or “amen” as if in church. It makes one think “if this was my coach, manager or boss I would hang on every word”. Such is the passion, clarity and earnestness with which they speak about the game.

Have a listen using the two links above. Thoughts to @under_thecosh.

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