EPL Matchday 29 Predictions (08/03/2014) + EL CLASSICO

Not a lot of games this weekend so we decided to add a couple of “EXTRA” games! The FA Cup makes an appearance as well as the well coveted EL CLASSICO; the Ronaldo vs Messi affair. Sorry Bale, You’ll have to prove yourself before you are mentioned in that breath.

We tried something different this week. We recorded our predictions live. Should be fun! Let us kow if you like the new format! Atleast Alex gets a say this time! Here they are:

Westbrom Vs ManUtd:

Bernie: 0-1

Mohaned: 2-2

Rishay: 1-1

Chelsea Vs Tottenham:

Bernie: 2-0

Mohaned: 1-0

Rishay: 2-1

Arsenal Vs Everton:

Bernie: 2-1

Mohaned: 2-0

Rishay: 1-0

Real Madrid Vs Barcelona:

Bernie: 2-1

Mohaned: 3-2

Rishay: 2-1

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