Coshcast: Arsenal & Chelsea lose, Man City abuse, Napoli cruise

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This week on the Coshcast, we’re joined by a special guest.

At home, Toronto FC lifted the Supporters’ Shield over their heads just in the nick of time as rain and wind swept the city.

Speaking of City, in the Premier League Pep’s lads smashed 7 past Stoke but the biggest disappointment was that the two managers shook hands leaving Mark Hughes nothing to complain about. Elsewhere, at Anfield Lukaku tried to do Liverpool fans a favour by injuring Dejan Lovren, Hodgson has his Zaha! moment and Troy Deeney describes Arsenal as having no cojones, although for Cleverly’s goal a few of them did look like training cojones, so the jury is out on that.

Finally we’ll smash through Europe like the Romans, who, conversely this week lost to Napoli, Dybala looks increasingly like a Grand and Toy order as he misses two pens in a row, and a bunch of stuff happens in Spain that doesn’t involve police violence. Lovely.

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  1. 1. Thanks for the feedback!
    2. You have the best username / website name ever – happy to join the fight for the liberation of empanadas.
    3. You’re right, it would be nice to talk about other leagues more but we try to stick to roughly an hour and it’s very difficult to fit much more in. We do it when we can. Hope you’ll stick with us!

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