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Coshcast S6E11 – Man City destroy, Arsenal & Liverpool enjoy, Wenger redeployed

Arsenal – Liverpool is anything but run of the Milner as Arsenal finally breach Van Dijk to rescue a draw. Elsewhere, is the Premier League too easy for Manchester City? Does Morata need to get more gritty?

Coshcast: Mané gives and gets the boot, Messi shoots, shoots, shoots.

In the Premier League City smash Liverpool as the curse of Oxlade Chamberlain continues and Sadio Mane creates a profile on Faceboot so that he can send his thoughts and prayers to Ederson. Elsewhere, Arsenal take a bite of the sour cherries, Mourinho is the only person in the world pining for Fellaini and for Swansea, we Renato ways to say that Sanches had a bad game.