A unique, soccer-based graphic novel

A few years ago, we had the idea of producing a graphic novel, or comic, loosely based on ourselves, about four young immigrants to Canada pursuing their dreams of becoming professional footballers. When we teamed up with graphic designer Akil Worrell of Thinc., that became five, and The Academy became a reality.

Of course, in real life, any chance any of us had of becoming footballers ended when a 14 year-old Mohaned’s parents said “no” to a trial at Newcastle, due to the lack of education he’d receive if he were join them. Fair. Understandable. Incredibly frustrating.


Still, as teenagers who had come from and lived in various parts of the world, and all moved to and settled in Toronto, we felt there was a story to tell about cultural adaptation, football, the city we love and the people that surround us.

That’s what The Academy is. We hope you’ll enjoy it. We hope you’ll relate to it, in places. We hope you’ll follow it as it develops week by week, which you can do by clicking right here.



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