Match Report: KDT (1) vs (4) Under The Cosh FC

Two losses in a row left Under The Cosh FC (UTC FC) in a tough spot leading up to this game. It was labeled as a must win for the team and they came out guns blazing.

From the opening whistle, UTC FC were all over their opponents. They completely dominated the ball but unfortunately for the first twenty minutes they were completely incapable of turning their possession into goals. The lack of a killer final ball which plagued them in their first two games reared it’s ugly head once again. If a killer pass wouldn’t do it then some silky dribbling skills should open the door right? Indeed, that’s exactly what happened. Captain Mohaned took matters into his own hands going past two defenders then put the goal keeper on his back before passing the ball into an empty net. With this, The Cosh gained in confidence and build ups lead to key chances. Yet again offside calls came back to plague UTC FC but this time they did not let the calls affect them. A second goal soon came along after the Cosh displayed previously unseen aerial dominance. Winning the arial duels was a key take away from the previous games. As a result, Zeeshan was unleashed also going past the goal keeper and stroking the ball into an empty net. UTC FC went into the half time interval 2-0 and things were looking up.


The second half started off rather frustratingly for the Cosh boys as it did in the previous two games. KDT came roaring back into the match and they put the UTC FC defense under intense pressure. KDT were rewarded for their efforts after a challenge from behind gave the referee no choice but to grant a penalty. The penalty was duly dispatched by Erick Olazabal who left Zaid rooted at the spot. The smooth passing UTC FC displayed in the first half evaporated and KDT gained in confidence. They almost drew level after hitting the post when it seemed a goal was a certainty. UTC looked shattered but one player took things into his own hands. Rahim Kheir’s silkiness on the ball was a delight for all to watch. He constantly left opponents in his dust with some fancy footwork and his passing was top drawer. Rahim capped off a wonderful performance with a well taken goal after being put clean through on goal.


Shortly After, Soroush scored a with a wonderful swivel shot to add gloss to the scoreline. 4-1 was how the game ended and Under The Cosh FC were jovial upon the final whistle for the first time this season. They will be looking to repeat the feat next week when they go up against Atletico Toronto.

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