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Coshcast S7E11: Who should Bayern hire & when will VAR be fired?

All Chelsea & Ajax do is score in a 4-4 draw, Inter take the lead against Dortmund but can’t close the door, and against Slavia Prague, Barcelona are frighteningly poor.

Coshcast S7E4: A good ‘ebening’ for transfers, Guendouzi and not for Koulibaly

A wave of the magic Wanda and Icardi arrives in Paris, so too does a misused goalkeeper by the name of Keylor Navas, Mkhitaryan flies to Rome and promptly gets stuck in traffic, and Alexis Sanchez to Inter is unlikely to leave many defences in a panic.

The Arsenal lineup in 2018/19

Positionally, however, it feels as if he can’t help but be sacrificed. If Ozil is fit, Mkhitaryan won’t play in his best position – as a #10. Due to the lack of other good wide options, his most-likely role will be on the right, where he’ll be expected to come inside and link up with Ozil and the striker, leaving space for Bellerin to overlap (and put in terrible crosses).

How Arsenal miss Santi

For a good few years, Santi Cazorla and his diminutive stature papered over the giant cracks in Arsenal’s midfield. His magical ball retention and ambidextrous ability lulled fans into forgetting about the lack of cover and depth. Now the memories haunt them more than ever.

Arsenal playing 3-5-2

One team that hasn’t adopted the fad is Arsenal, which is hardly a surprise. Arsene was not an early adopter of the transition from 4-4-2 to 4-3-3, and he’s shown no recent signs of increased tactical flexibility. Thus, I preface the following by saying that it is a dream. A hypothetical.

Arsenal’s midfield mindf*ck

Since injury removed Santi Cazorla from the equation in mid-October, Arsenal have failed to find balance in the two positions at the base of the midfield.Without that balance, the team does not function properly. Mesut Ozil is playing the #10 role, but it is a very advanced interpretation of the position and this season he has spent a lot of time on the shoulder of the opposition’s defenders, looking to run behind them.