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Coshcast S7E6: Canaries in the mine as Liverpool keep flying

It’s no surprise that the Canaries pressed high and you could see the fear in Otamendi’s eyes as Buendia slipped it to Pukki to steal the prize, similarly Sokratis was out of practise as Arsenal deflated like a torn water mattress…

Coshcast S7E4: A good ‘ebening’ for transfers, Guendouzi and not for Koulibaly

A wave of the magic Wanda and Icardi arrives in Paris, so too does a misused goalkeeper by the name of Keylor Navas, Mkhitaryan flies to Rome and promptly gets stuck in traffic, and Alexis Sanchez to Inter is unlikely to leave many defences in a panic.

Coshcast S6E26: Wolves, Goats & Lio Messi

In the FA Cup Wolves chomp United, Swansea give City a fright and
a great weekend for the Scousers as Everton beat Chelsea and Liverpool are back in with a shout it’s, all to play for in the Premier League.

Elsewhere for Messi against Betis it was three of quite literally the best, Real under Zidane pass their first test and Inter win the Milan derby as the race for third in Serie A sees no rest.

The Coshcast S6E7: The Best FIFA Podcast Award

This week on the Coshcast,

Shaqiri shakes Southampton, City give Cardiff a lamping and United can’t park the bus at home for fear of getting a clamping. Elsewhere, Arsenal and Spurs scrape wins, West Ham hold Chelsea at Yarm’s length, and in Italy, Juve’s wheels continue to spin.

Fraud or GOAT, Mumu of the Week and a special guest adds the icing to the cake.

Coshcast S6E4: Theatre of Nightmares

Manchester United Lindelot to be desired as Spurs break old habits at Old Trafford, Wolves hold City in a case of headers and Bolys at Molineaux, Arsenal once again challenge their opponents to a game of “who can be a bigger shambles?” but win because it was West Ham.

We’ve got the rest of the Premier League action including Chelsea, Liverpool, and new title contenders Watford, a quick European run down which sounds like something you order off a menu in a red light district, and our usual favourite features. On we go.