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Coshcast S6E19: Emery esplayn, Sarri complayn

Arsenal beat Chelsea as Sarri and Bellerin both go out on a limb, at Anfield if only Speroni had known it wasn’t goal-bound he might have left it alone he’s now probably quite lonely, Solskjaer shines brighter than a convenience store sign as he makes it 7 out of 7 and finds a settled eleven, and Fulham have a draw snatched out of their hands in the blink of an eye as Winks steals the points for Spurs.


Coshcast S6E3: The un-parked bus

This week on the Coshcast we run the rule over Chelsea and Arsenal as they muck around at the back of what was a very much un-parked bus, while but Manchester City Mendy defenses and send a shudder through Huddersfield.