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Fan Preview: Aston Villa vs Manchester United

By Brent Billing Preview – Aston Villa v. The 2015 Champions…(it’s early, I am allowed to dream) Friday August 14, 2015 Villa Park, Birmingham On my second trip to the UK to see United,  a trip to Birmingham was my initiation into sightseeing in what might be the […]

Wayne Rooney – Captain Immaterial

It was inevitable, really, wasn’t it? As sure as Sepp Blatter’s three re-elections, as sure as Daniel Levy’s sacking of Tim Sherwood, as sure as Messi winning the Golden Ball at this summer’s World Cup…Wayne Rooney would be named captain of Manchester United. Admittedly, there is a defence […]

EPL Matchday 30 Predictions (15/03/2014)

The Premier League is back! This was our intro last week: “Knowing City’s squad, they could’ve still fielded two different teams and won both games (Manchester derby and Carling Cup final).” How wrong we were. Now City are also out of the Champions League and according to Samir […]

Just Like A Wavin’ Flag

Who says international football is boring? Well honestly we all did at some point. Our craving for club football has reached such a fever pitch that we often dismiss the magic of two countries duking it out. One thing that is certain is that people dislike friendlies. People […]

GOLAZO of the Week (POLL)

As promised in the firestorm debate from our most recent podcast: , we created a poll outlining some of the best goals from the past week. There were some honorable candidates that just missed the final cut, but we have narrowed our final list to 7 golazos that will […]

Valdes Hands off to …

Another thing for Barcelona to worry about! Victor Valdes is sticking to his claim from last year; he will leave Barcelona on a free at the end of this season and will not be renewing his contract with the Catalans. A year ago, this was very welcoming news […]

Rishay’s Rants Vol. 2

Welcome to my second rant folks! I dissect several issues in today’s game and put things into perspective for the most part. I see many seasonal trends and predictable news patterns that I just have to critique. My rant will encompass a broad range of issues that have […]

R is for Redemption

Redemption is at the core of almost all aspects of faith based practice, including sports.The idea is that no matter what you do, you can be saved. Those who have lost their way can be found. Being found is just the first step. The guilty party still has […]

Mesut Ozil signs for Arsenal

Ozil is leaving Realmadrid …ok …How much?…50mil…not bad…Where is he going?…Arsenal…WHAT! WOAH! The arrival of Bale at Real Madrid was always going to mean players leaving. Most expected that player to be Di Maria as Bale will be his direct replacement in the starting line up. Di Maria’s […]

Madrid’s 100m Bale-out

Spain is struggling to keep its head above water financially due to the economic slowdown. UEFA’s insists on curbing spending through Financial Fair Play. La Liga clubs are going bankrupt and Spanish players are fleeing for greener pasturers. There seems to be no money in Spanish football or […]

Rishay’s Rants Vol. 1

Couple of things going on in the world of soccer as usual that make me tick. Let’s finally put this blog to good use and express my opinions in unhindered fashion: Firstly, Arsenal’s reported interest in Di Maria and now Rooney again. Everytime Arsenal makes a foray into […]

Business or Pleasure

A new season has begun, and as with all seasons, the transfer market preceding it has set the course for the tabloid frenzy that fuels the fanatic freaks of the game like us. As fans, do we just follow what rumors are stirred up by journalists or are […]