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CoshCast Ep6: “Neg-üero”

Welcome to Episode 6 of our Coshcast! On a high from the Chile Vs Brasil game in Toronto, we analyse the action of the past week, and what a glorious week it was! The EPL action is visited with thrilling encounters in the Merseyside derby between Everton and Liverpool […]

Valdes Hands off to …

Another thing for Barcelona to worry about! Victor Valdes is sticking to his claim from last year; he will leave Barcelona on a free at the end of this season and will not be renewing his contract with the Catalans. A year ago, this was very welcoming news […]

CoshCast Ep2: A demolition and then some

On this week’s podcast we dive into the biggest footballing news from this past weekend. City’s demolition of United is featured as well as delving into the top four European leagues. The pod inevitably takes some unexpected turns along the way. For a list of all our podcasts: […]

Mesut Ozil signs for Arsenal

Ozil is leaving Realmadrid …ok …How much?…50mil…not bad…Where is he going?…Arsenal…WHAT! WOAH! The arrival of Bale at Real Madrid was always going to mean players leaving. Most expected that player to be Di Maria as Bale will be his direct replacement in the starting line up. Di Maria’s […]

CoshCast Ep1: Transfer Talk

Exciting times ahead! We are launching our official Podcast on Soundcloud at You can follow us there but we will also publish an article with every new podcast entry. Coshcast Ep1 delves into the exciting transfer season of the 2013/2014 season. What a window it was. We go through […]

Goal line technology is HERE

The introduction of goal line technology into the game has been heavily blocked by Sepp Blatter for years, constantly insisting it has no place in the game. Fast forward to the 2010 world cup where Frank Lampard has a clear goal dismissed for England against Germany with the […]

David Beckham, My Hero

Shock, agony and despair were the primary emotions that I felt on May 16th, 2013. History will remember it as the day my footballing idol, David Beckham brought an end to a playing career that spanned 20 years and 5 different clubs. If you forget about his celebrity […]