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Jose Mourinho: The Delusional One

No matter what anyone tells you, the mood within Chelsea is just not right at the moment and it’s all Jose’s fault. Players are lacking confidence and it’s in the managers job description to do something about that. The players are no longer running into proverbial brick walls for him. Aside from that, the spat with Eva Carneiro is further proof that the Special One may need to have his head examined.

Copa America Final: Heart signs or Heartbreak

While the players are the focal point, Chile’s Argentine manager Jorge Sampaoli’s story brings up an interesting plot point. He was given his chance to manage at a high level in South America by clubs in Chile. Even though he calls Chile home now, it must cross his mind what it’d be like to be on the other side managing his compatriots; Aguero, Mascherano and Messi.

Bale, Suarez and…Pogba?

When I went back to Juventus, [Gianni] Agnelli called me and told me he had to sell Zidane,” Lippi recalled in an interview with Sky. “He was the best player in the world, but they gave us €77m (£58m), he told me not to worry, that it would all be spent on the team. “We bought, [Gianluigi] Buffon, [Pavel] Nedved and [Lilian] Thuram, regrouped and the team kept winning. – Marcelo Lippi

AFCON 2015: Stars, Thunder, and Foxes

Hosting a tournament of this size requires national budget approvals in democracies. The only countries that can get these done are incredibly football mad ones or ones run by dictators. Equatorial Guinea falls in the latter category and it should be of no surprise to anyone that their nickname is “National Thunder.”

EPL Mid-Term Report 14/15

Christmas has come and gone, turkey has been consumed in mass amounts. The New Year has been welcomed with lots of bubbly. This also means we’ve reached the midway point of the Premier League season making it appropriate to take a look back at the 2014/2015 season so […]

Lord Have Mersey

Last season we saw the rise of the Mersey. This season the rivers banks are so low you probably can stand in it without soaking your ankles. Excuse my hyperbole but in a footballing sense the fall from grace that we’ve seen from the city of Liverpool’s two […]

Coshcast Ep 26: 2014 WC Group Round Up

Welcome to Episode 26 of the Coshcast! Subscribe on iTunes: On this episode of the Coshcast, Alex, Bernie and Mohaned recap the group stages of the best world cup of their short memories. You may ask where Rishay has gone. Don’t! The three of us praise South America […]

Hello Louis, Goodbye my United

We’ve known it for a month, but now it’s official. Fergie’s chosen one has gone. Many Manchester United fans celebrated like it was 1999. Some of us knew it was necessary, but still looked upon the decision with sadness. A sure sign that United were no longer the […]

For the Love of the FA Cup

Over the last 10 years or so, English football fans have been asking themselves the same question season in and season out; Would you rather win the FA Cup or be in the UEFA Champions League? If I’m being to totally honest, I feel it’s an unfair question. To […]

Qatar 2022: FIFA Feels the Heat

When I first heard the news that Qatar would host the FIFA World Cup in 2022, I was ecstatic. On a personal level the decision was between Australia and Qatar. Both are new frontiers for football and would expand the game’s popularity. I was fortunate enough to spend some time growing […]

Premier League Mid-term Report

Mid terms have come and gone and everyone is enjoying the break with their families and the holiday spirit. It’s funny how the season mirrors academic scheduling. That being said, if students need an indication of where they stand mid way through the academic year then it’s clear […]

Just Like A Wavin’ Flag

Who says international football is boring? Well honestly we all did at some point. Our craving for club football has reached such a fever pitch that we often dismiss the magic of two countries duking it out. One thing that is certain is that people dislike friendlies. People […]

R is for Redemption

Redemption is at the core of almost all aspects of faith based practice, including sports.The idea is that no matter what you do, you can be saved. Those who have lost their way can be found. Being found is just the first step. The guilty party still has […]

Madrid’s 100m Bale-out

Spain is struggling to keep its head above water financially due to the economic slowdown. UEFA’s insists on curbing spending through Financial Fair Play. La Liga clubs are going bankrupt and Spanish players are fleeing for greener pasturers. There seems to be no money in Spanish football or […]

Saint Iker comes down to Earth

The battle for Real Madrid’s soul was waged between then manager in Jose Mourinho and legend Iker Casillas. The dressing room was split in two and the fans were split right down the middle as well. This was clearly an unhealthy environment for any club and the season […]

The Failure to Attract

With the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, is Manchester United still capable of attracting the best talent the world has to offer? United are probably the biggest club in the world in terms of fan base and battle Real Madrid for richest overall sports franchise year on year. […]


Seven years ago, Turin was an incredibly sad place. Smiles were in short supply, dreams were shattered, and it seemed all hope was lost. The impact of the 2006 Italian Football scandal, commonly referred to as Calciopoli, was felt far and wide. Juventus were relegated to Serie B, […]

Samba vs Flamenco: A Battle of Ideals

We all predicted it, and I’m going to guess that deep inside all neutrals wanted it to happen. I’m talking about the final of the Confederations cup. It’s La Furia Roja vs The Selecao, it’s Spain vs Brazil. Spain are the current two time European champions and the […]

The Managerial Merry-go round

The football off season is known as “the crazy time”. Every team evaluates their season and they all try to adjust and tweak things and in some cases overhaul their teams. This summer for the first time in a long time the movement of players has been overshadowed […]