About Us

Welcome to Under The Cosh Blog, where we’ll keep you informed of and entertained by the latest news and comical events from the world of football.

There are four of us. Rishay, Alexander, Mohaned and Bernie (left to right). We share a love for the beautiful game but express that love in very different ways. We hope this comes through as we grow our project. We have no idea where it will end, but we think that like a Sergio Ramos penalty, the sky is the limit.

This interview will give you more insight into us, our process, and why we do what we do.

about section

Allow us to introduce ourselves:

Bernie is the self proclaimed know-it-all. His views on the Coshcast and in his articles are usually nostalgic in nature and strangely grandiose. The only thing bigger than his football memory bank are Wayne Rooney’s thighs. Follow Bernie on twitter @buche21.

Mohaned is the organizer and creator of irritating lists that keep things ticking along a la Sergio Busquets. Every soft Mesut Ozil caress of a football melts his heart like a Disney princess who has met her Prince Charming. Make sure to follow him and his obvious Gooner bias on twitter @arsenal89_mo.

Alexander is dealing with quite a dilemma. Arsenal fan by day, his dad’s support of Tottenham has given him some Spurs sympathies too, leading to endless ridicule from the other three Cosh boys. His silky smooth British accent caresses your ears every Sunday on the Coshcast and his articles are worth Pulitzers. Follow him on Twitter @alexlukasnathan.

Rishay is well into statistical analysis, whether it be Xavi’s pass accuracy or Sir Alex’s win ratio he definitely excels in that department.  He’s often prone to the odd burst of unbridled bias towards Manchester United. Florentino Perez is never far from his mind. Follow him @rishay_utc

Our love for football transcends cultural boundaries and the debates we have occasionally transcend the sound barrier. As such, the only reasonable outlet for us to express our true opinions has come in the form of this website, and our podcast. We hope you enjoy going Under The Cosh.




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