Coshcast: Blue Moon Risen

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This week on the Coshcast, Manchester City get handed a title, ironically by the son of a wealthy aristocrat, Arsenal are like a 5 year old on their first play-date, struggling away from home, like L’oriel’s reputation Chelsea get saved by a beautiful Frenchman, and Liverpool reach 300 pops under Klopp.

We’ll preview the semi finals but also take a look back at the Champions League as, not for the first time, the Romans conquered the Spanish, and it was also not the first time a senior citizen has lost their marbles as Real Madrid edged past Juventus, and Buffon had a meltdown.

Elsewhere we ask whether Toronto FC can achieve against Chivas or whether it will be too hard against Guadalajara, and as always, a quiz and Mumu of the Week top it off.

All this, and a special guest joins us too. What more do you want?

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