Ronaldo’s stunner and the best bicycle kicks ever seen

We’ve all seen Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest golazo bicycle kick against Juventus by now. Social media was taken by storm.



With all the attention being placed on the Portuguese magician, it seemed as if no one else had ever done such a thing (guilty as charged). Rio Ferdinand asked on Twitter which was better; Rooney’s vs. City or this vs. Juventus? We personally think Ronaldo because Rooney’s was a shinner, but who else deserves to be mentioned? See below.

Zlatan vs. England

Before the lion came to England and bedazzled us all at Man United, Zlatan absolutely embarrassed England and Joe Hart with this 40 yard stunner.

Mexes vs. Anderlecht

A defender! That defender! From that far out! Words don’t do this justice, just watch.

Ronaldinho vs. Villareal

The control, the swivel, the impudence!

Rivaldo vs. Valencia

The meaning of a goal contributes in a large way to how we perceive it, and Rivaldo’s last-minute, long range bicycle kick secured Barcelona their place in the Champions League after what had been a disappointing season.

Sinclair vs. Barnsley

How’s this for a blast from the past? What a hit!

Crouch vs. Galatasaray

This goal was described as akin to a horse falling down the stairs. A bit unfair as it’s pure class from the lanky wonder of the world.

Rooney vs. Man City

City were coming up as a force in England. How would Man United respond? With a Wayne Rooney shinner to win the match and quiet the noisy neighbors for a while.

Zaki vs. Liverpool

The best Egyptian in the Premier League before Mo Salah (any Mido fans here?). Will Salah ever be able to top this?

Schmeichel vs. Wimbledon

Though it was disallowed, this was absolutely nuts especially as it was scored by a goalkeeper.

Falcao vs. America de Cali

This was in pre-season but look at that technique. This was Falcao pre-knee injury. What a player, what a goal.

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