Coshcast: Steven Caldwell goes Under the Cosh. Again.

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It’s the Coshcast! It’s been a weekend full of debate about decisions. Were they bad calls? Were they called well? All we know is that we’ve got Steven Caldwell on the pod and we couldn’t be happier about it.

We’ll ask him your questions as well as have a bit of Toronto FC discussion before we dive into the Premier League. It was a case of Bakayoko-oh no for Chelsea as they lost to Watford, Kane and Klopp both reached 100 at Anfield – goals for Harry, miles an hour down the touchline for Jurgen, and it’s Aub-mented reality for Arsenal as they battered Everton much like Phil Neville did his – never mind.
All this, Mumu of the Week, and much more. The Coshcast with Steven Caldwell. Get your head on it.

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