The best so far: Lukaku, Lacazette or Morata?

Who has had a better season?

Alex:  So far, Lukaku. Both he and Morata started brilliantly, but Morata’s form and confidence have dropped off significantly of late, and while Lukaku also went through a goal drought, he’s remained positive and confident throughout.

Lacazette can’t be part of the conversation, but it’s not his fault. He works damned hard as Arsenal’s lone striker, but he simply doesn’t get the service. He makes good runs, takes up good positions, but his teammates just don’t find him. Maybe he’s too short? They can’t see him? He must be terribly frustrated. Both by his size, and lack of service.

Rishay: Morata has been great with his head all season, perhaps not as prolific as a striker should be with his feet. He racked up several goals early on and I expect him to come good with more goals. If he can add that 10% extra to his game when he has the ball, he could very well replicate the Torres and Suarez impact that the league has seen in the past.

Lukaku started the season well, when he was given great service from his midfielders. Lukaku is deadly with the ball at his feet running in on goal. Less so with back to goal, though his work rate and link up play has been able to compensate for it. He hasn’t been able to single-handedly change games yet, but there is still time for him this season to make a significant impact.

Lacazette also started the season hot, but hasn’t had the effect one would’ve hoped for with the Arsenal team struggling to show consistency.

Overall I’d say its a tie between Lukaku and Morata, with Lukaku just shading it ahead since he has been good with head as well as feet.

Bernie: Let’s look at them all individually. Morata has 10 goals in 19 Premier League appearances and 12 in 29 competitions overall.

Lukaku has 10 goals in 21 Premier League appearances and 16 in 31 competitions overall.

Lacazette has 8 goals in 15 Premier League appearances and 8 in 16 competitions overall.

These men were all brought in to score goals and for one reason or the other they haven’t done it with the consistency that one would have hoped. Lukaku edges it in terms of goals as his goals to games ratio is a tad over a goal every other game (which was respectable before Ronaldo and Messi came along). While Lukaku was going though a dry spell Chelsea fans were lauding their signing of Morata but as we’ve seen in the Arsenal game, Morata has missed an incredible amount of big chances. Lacazette needs more games as his goal stats are decent.

Big chances missed:

Morata: 14 (2nd in EPL)

Lukaku: 10 (6th)

Lacazette: 10

Morata has clearly missed the most which will be a concern but for someone who has played far less than his counterparts, Lacazette misses an astounding number for the number of games he’s played. It’s also clear that Lukaku is unfairly mis-categorized due to his goal drought. He needs more chances and more service.


Morata: 4

Lukaku: 4

Lacazette: 3

These guys aren’t too far away form each other. Lacazette trails Lukaku and Morata because he doesn’t play enough and his team is more dysfunctional, but his stats are quite good. Lukaku doesn’t miss as many chances as the others and with the limited amount of touches he does get, he’s gotten 4 assists. He doesn’t score in big games, however he does pick up against the rest. Morata has some big game goals and big game misses. He’s lost confidence and considering the service he gets he has to do more.

So as a result the award goes to: Romelu Lukaku (just).

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