Canadian Premier League – It’s Time

The world’s first poem about the Canadian Premier League. Click to play.


I think it’s about time for a Premier League

In Canada we’re dying for it so let’s plant the seed

It’s not easy we know but if we let this thing grow

We’ll take those that doubt us and make them believe.


This league might be new but there’s history in this nation,

Of players and teams, of progress, of stagnation,

I’d not go so far to call us a shaker nor a mover but there are

Stand out moments like ’79 for Vancouver,

Like the World Cup in 86 and the women in 95

Like the Gold Cup in 2000 and how Toronto FC have thrived,

Sinclair at the Olympics stands out for me, though,

As does the bizarre career of Paul Peschisolido,

But the thing we’ve lacked is a properly run league, so,

We’ll remember our struggles but it’s time that we moved on

Goodbye to the NASL, the CPSL, the CNSL are all gone.

You see we got really good at acronyms but each time we tried the act would end

Because finances are tricky and when someone said “come with me” people thought this is too risky.

And we’ve been through a lot.


The pain of Owen Hargreaves and the constant need for a star.

The time we thought we had a keeper but that was Asmir yet so far.

And I know he plays for us now and I don’t want to spoil it but

Choosing Canada shouldn’t have been difficult for Junior f***ing Hoillet

I want to feel that pride again that I felt about Radzinski,

Tearing up defences with his pace and instincts, he’s,

One of a handful of players that moved over and succeeded

And when we have our own league so many more will do what he did

But they’ll have a place to grow and develop that’s home

Instead of wandering around European lower leagues alone,

Instead of being exploited by third party deals,

Or sent through Cyprus and used like they did to Doneil.


What’s different this time? The skeptics will ask.

What will keep this thing running and make this league last?

And my answer would be that there are people in place,

Supporters groups nation-wide already making their case.

From Pile of Bones to Red River Rising,

To Barton Street Battallion who keep growing in size and

From Sauga City Collective and the Halifax Wonderers

In a hundred years time there might be a hundred of us,

To the man in charge who will try to answer any question you ask,

Yes I’m talking about Paul Beirne like when he came on the Coshcast

And we asked him everything we could possibly come up with

From Pro/Rel to salary caps and everything he said was constructive.


So we’ll start with six, or eight, and yes there’ll be more room.

And they’ll listen to advice on the Voyageurs forum,

But this is the time. We need CanPL.

Now there’s stadiums to build. And tickets to sell.

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