Coshcast: Toronto FC on a wave, Manchester City the brave

Like the Seattle Sounders’ feelings of insecurity and inferiority, the Coshcast is back.

Where else to start but with Toronto FC and the MLS Cup as we’re joined by former TFC employee Asif Hossain as we look back at the big game, bask in the warm glow of a drunk Jozy Altidore, and look at who may be shown the door this winter.

Then it’s the Premiership where it was a case of a coward at Old Trafford, a Calvert at Anfield and a convert at the London stadium as Moyes breaks a Hart, but employs a proper goalkeeper.

Finally we’ll react to the Champions League draw. Have Bayern got a buy in to the next round? Can Messi break his Chelsea virginity, and who will win as Real and PSG go head to head in the battle of the holy trinities.

All this and more. Come with it now.



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