Coshcast: City dominate, Napoli obliviate, Barcelona close the gates

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It’s the Coshcast! Yes, like Liverpool’s defensive issues, we’re here every week.

We start in MLS where Justin Morrow’s hat-trick came just in time to seal the Supporters’ Shield for Toronto FC.

In the Premier League, City go to Stamford Bridge, put Chelsea neatly in De Bruyne paper bag and walk off home, United thrash Palace who now haven’t scored since 1922, Spurs and Arsenal win about as comfortably as Jagmeet Singh and Rafa the gaffer shatter’s Liverpool’s hopes of a win at Newcastle.

Then, Italy where Napoli pull clear at the top of Serie A and Catalunya – just practising – where instead of shouts of referee, there are shouts of referendum and the world really may be ending, as Busquets scores a header.

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