Coshcast: Liverpool’s win is Arsenal’s meltdown + Asensio for Ballon D’or

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On this week’s Coshcast:

Toronto FC punch the hole in Montreal’s playoff aspiration bagel, Arsenal get slammed by Liverpool’s press and then in the press and can’t even release a press statement as they agree sell their media and communications department to Chelsea for 35m.

Chelsea meanwhile make everyone remember that Everton are not in fact going to win the league, Tottenham nearly win at Wembley but can’t quite get out of the woods, and just like his father in law before him, Sergio Aguero has a bit of a Che Guevara moment.

Elsewhere we’ll take a look at Italy where Roma sign Shick but it’s Juventus that get quattro, and we’ll try to make some sensio of Spain where Geoffrey looks like he might Kondogbia good signing for Valencia.

Off we pop.

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