Coshcast: Chelsea see red, Giroud uses head, Lukaku leaves West Ham for dead

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This week on the Coshcast:

The Premier League unzips and swings itself around – we admire Giroud as Arsenal pull themselves out of a quagmire that started with McGuire and at Vicarage Road it was Firmino’s wiry frame that caused Marco Silva to perspire. Special guest Feroze Ali talks to us about Chelsea who possibly had too much fire and conspired to lose at home to Burnley, Crystal Palace wonder whether they made the right hire and Manchester United set West Ham atop a pire and burn them to ground. Also, Eric Dier.

Elsewhere there are the Super Cups in Spain – where Ronaldo’s abs will contribute to his absence, and Italy where it’s next Laziover until the fat lady sings.

Finally, closer to home we’ll revel in Toronto FC’s brilliance as they log another win by sawing down the Timbers.

Let’s press from the word go.

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