Mississauga, Ontario: #SaugaCityRising

Aidan Reagh is a German-speaking American (kind of like John Brooks). He likes to write about the Bundesliga and all things football. Here, he takes a look at why Mississauga may be an ideal location for a new Canadian Premier League club.

A City Deserving of a Canadian Premier League Side

“Tell me why you deserve to have a Canadian Premier League side”, was what I said to @SaugaSG, on Twitter.  Obviously, anyone can simply say that they deserve a team because their city is the best in the region, the country, the world. However, Mississauga SG executive team member Raghav Sandhu didn’t just say that. He gave a compelling explanation that makes me think there is no other option but to award a team to Mississauga.

The Compelling Reasons

The City – Mississauga is one of Canada’s most populated cities. Sixth, to be exact, according to the 2016 census. Mississauga is also an incredibly diverse city. The diversity represents many soccer first nations and could truly get more fans interested in cheering on a domestic, local team. Mississauga is a city filled with younger people. Younger people (and older) demand entertainment. The people should be entertained with goals down the street rather than down the province.

Geography – Just over to the east is Toronto. Just south (and slightly west) is the Canadian Premier League flagship club located in Hamilton. Now, when you have a club just south and a major city just east with an MLS team, the potential for a storm known as a derby to brew is extremely possible. Although facing a team like Toronto FC is not a regular option, facing a team like Hamilton most certainly is.

Money – Honesty. It truly is key. So here is a bit of honesty: money is pretty important. Mississauga is absolutely filled with Fortune 500 companies. In fact, over 10% of the Fortune 500 companies in the world have called Mississauga home for either their global or just Canadian headquarters. Some of these companies include technology giants Hewlett-Packard and also a personal favorite in Laura Secord Chocolates. Now, one may be wondering why this is relevant. In order to run a club, money is needed. These successful companies serve as local options to lead an ownership group and sponsor the club.

Soccer – When it comes to having a soccer team, the soccer is a key talking point. Mississauga is familiar with producing some top talent. Two young names with time spent in Mississauga are Canadian internationals Cyle Larin and Jonathan Osorio. A local team playing in the Canadian Premier League will leave children throughout the town dreaming of playing for their hometown, not a team across the nation, globe, or continent. The L1 Ontario is a league with many passionate fans. These fans are the future of the Canadian Premier League.

A city is rising. Sauga City is rising.

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