Can Barkley actually make it amongst the Premier League’s elites?

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Ronald Koeman has stated that Ross Barkley will definitely leave Everton this summer. The Cosh discuss whether Barkley has made the right choice, where he may want to go, and what his realistic choices may be.

So, Ross Barkley is leaving Everton. Where do you think he should go? What’s his level?

Bernie: He should go to a side with ambition but without the pull of a top team. Southampton could be a decent fit for Ross Barkley. Mark Hughes likes a big name misfit and Barkley could fit in at Stoke as well.

Mohaned: I think his level is Everton. He clearly can’t get in the team but that’s not for lack of talent or ability. Its lack of application. I guess I’m saying he should stay but it seems too many bridges have been burnt for that.

Alex: If he can’t get into the Everton team, that’s clearly not his level. I agree with Bernie, here. He needs to go to a club that will play him every week as a central midfielder. That’s probably Stoke, West Ham, Bournemouth. What would be really great is if he went abroad, but that seems highly unlikely.

Where do you think he’ll actually end up?

Mohaned: I don’t think many teams are interested in him, especially not at the price Everton will want for him. I actually fear he might not go anywhere until January. But if he does, it’ll be a Southampton or West Ham. Maybe even West Brom?

Alex: The rumours that Pochettino likes Barkley and thinks he can mould him into a Dembele-esque midfielder haven’t gone away. I think Spurs would take him as a project/squad option but they won’t pay much for him, and Barkley has to be ok with not being first choice.

Bernie: Yeah, I think he’ll end up at Tottenham as a backup option for Dele Alli. Perhaps he fits in on the wing considering Lamela hasn’t been fit for a while. He definitely won’t be a starter.

Is Barkley right to want to leave Everton?

Bernie: Yes, both parties are right for wanting to end this relationship. He doesn’t do what Koeman wants him to do and as any footballer should, he’s seeking first team football or at least a higher level. A split is in the best interests of all concerned.

Alex: Agreed. For whatever reason it just isn’t happening for him at Everton and I can understand why he feels he needs a change. I can also understand Everton losing patience with him – I’m not sure why they even offered him a new contract, really.

Mohaned: No. He wants too much freedom in his play without conforming to any tactical system. He wants to be allowed to lose the ball at will and not be criticized. He will not get those liberties anywhere else either (maybe Arsenal). So I’m not sure what leaving Everton achieves.

Will he ultimately make it? By which I mean be an important player for a good team by the time he’s in his prime.

Mohaned: Unfortunately I feel this next move will be his downfall. He won’t upgrade from Everton and his career will become that of a player constantly moving between mid-table Premier League clubs until no one cares anymore.

Bernie: He will not be an important player for a good team if we consider a good team a top six club. He should go to a lower level team that can be built around him but he won’t do that either, so maybe he won’t make it.

Alex: Straight “no” from me, Clive.

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