Salah to Liverpool, Ronaldo & the week’s top stories

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It’s been a busy week on the site. Here’s everything you need to read or listen to in one place. Enjoy:

Cristiano Ronaldo: Goodbye or see you later?

The Cosh debate the truth behind Ronaldo’s tax situation and disagree about whether Real Madrid can afford to lose the Portuguese this summer.

Morata, Costa, Wilshere and the battle for minutes. Stay or go?

Ahead of the 2018 World Cup there are a number of players who need to move clubs in order to get the playing time needed to cement spots for their national teams. There are also some players who would be wise to stay put for the same reason. We take a look at some examples.

Mohamed Salah: Fitting in at Liverpool

Liverpool has finally signed Salah, and it’s exciting. We take a look at the tactical ramifications of introducing the Egyptian into the Reds’ tactical set-up, and wonder whether the team might benefit from having a different type of striker to work with him.

Everton: Klaassen & Pickford will make little difference

Everton have made good signings already this summer, but will the level of player they can attract actually help them break into the top four? The author isn’t convinced and the battle rages in the comments section.

Manchester United: The Macheda Moment

Do you (United fans) remember the Macheda moment? The time a 17 year old striker all but won the title for Manchester United on his debut? Rishay re-lives that incredible day, and that magical goal.

Ligue 1 review: Part 3 – Balotelli, Mbappé & Goal of the Year

Colin Crawford completes his epic review of a fantastic season of football in France’s Ligue 1. Be sure to check out parts 1 & 2, as well…

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