Coshcast: Chelsea Champions, Liverpool Champions League

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The season is nearly over but this Coshcast is just beginning.

This week we start with the Champions Chelsea as Michy bats away the critics to score the league-winning goal, and Cesc follows in Theresa May’s footsteps by promising a Blue assault on Europe.

Elsewhere the rain at the Lane falls mainly on Teddy Sheringham during Tottenham’s post-match celebrations, Rooney, Sturridge and Kyle Naughton score goals prompting fears of an impending judgement day, and speaking of which, Marco Silva’s men are finally out of purgatory but does Hull await him next season?

Across Europe there’s a ton of Serie A to cover with Juve’s players and Inter’s fans all out to lunch, and some of the week’s best goals in La Liga as Nacho requires no dip to score a free kick for Real Madrid.

All this, a Toronto FC recap and all your regular features. Here we go.

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