Liverpool & The Ox – Same Question Applies

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Rumours of Alex Oxlade Chamberlain moving to Liverpool this summer have swirled for a while now. Leaked hints from the player’s “camp” that he would be tempted by working with Jurgen Klopp only add fuel to the fire.

It still feels as though staying at Arsenal is the most likely outcome (if only because the admin of removing his presence from all of the club’s social media accounts would be a massive job) and that the player is just trying to leverage a better deal, but thinking about what he’d do at Liverpool is fun nonetheless.

As ever with Ox, the first question is where he would play. With his luck he would probably end up competing with Milner for the left-back spot, but the current wisdom is that his preference is for central midfield. If fit, Liverpool’s first choice three is Henderson, Wijnaldum and Lallana. Despite showing promise during a spell in central midfield this season, it’s hard to say that Oxlade Chamberlain would be a better choice than Wijnaldum or Lallana, both of whom have exceeded expectations this season and embodied Klopp’s fervent, physical approach. Lallana – one could argue – is vulnerable due to his injury record. The problem is, so is Ox. Would Klopp risk having both of them there, hoping that their inevitable injuries come at different times?

If not in central midfield, the current Arsenal man can also play on either wing. Again, should Coutinho and Mane stay, one can’t argue that Ox would be an upgrade. Having someone like him in the squad to cover for Mane would be perfect, but Oxlade Chamberlain isn’t going to leave to be a squad option. If Coutinho were to depart this summer, the Englishman could move into the left-sided role, but would would have to become a much bigger goal-threat in order to contribute to Liverpool’s near-strikerless system.

Where do you think Oxlade Chamberlain would fit in at Liverpool, if at all? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter.

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