Coshcast: Mourinho Wines, Chelsea Dine, Madrid Shine

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The Coshcast joins you after a weekend that saw loads of exciting things happen that didn’t mean very much at all.

At the Emirates Arsenal sort of proved that Xhaka can sort of shoot while getting the first victory over the Dark Lord since Gollum fell into the fires of Mount Doom.

Elsewhere this time it’s not lasagna that makes Spurs sick but there is ham involved, and on Monday Matic scratches Middlesbrough out of the league.

There’s also La Liga chat as Real Madrid leave Tony Adams with Granada to show for his efforts and in Italy Juve fail to Higuaind things up, other than Mihajlovic, of course.

Finally we’ll talk Toronto FC getting the best victory in Seattle since the Emerald City implemented a $15 minimum wage. Avanti.

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