PFA Player of the Year: Who takes the crown?

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Today the PFA announces it’s nominees for the PFA Player of the year award. The nominees are Romelu Lukaku, Harry Kane, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Eden Hazard, Alexis Sanchez and Ngolo Kante. After last year’s Leicester miracle, the nominees all come from the traditional big boys. We delve deep into the topic and discuss who will win, who should win and if there any glaring errors. Check out the throw down and let us know your thoughts.

Who from the shortlist WILL win the PFA award?

Bernie: Eden Hazard will win this award for the second time. Unfortunately it will be the second time he hasn’t deserved to win it. I’m not saying he hasn’t been good, he absolutely has been but there are players more deserving than him. I’ll get into who those players are later.

Mohaned: Kante. The hipster choice. Also, his performance from last season will spill over in people’s minds. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve it, because he does. If we go through the other candidates we can do a little process of elimination. Kane. No. Hazard is this season’s Coutinho – hyped a little too much for his performances. They’ve been good, but they haven’t been PFA Player of the Year-good relative to his competition. Sanchez hasn’t existed since Febraury. Lukaku is the biggest competition, putting up ridicolous numbers. Ibra doesn’t even run.

Alex: Firstly, as I do every year, I have to say: I couldn’t care less about this. However, Kante. Although how on earth is he a hipster choice, Mohaned? He’s objectively the best player in a title-winning Chelsea team. That’s about as mainstream as it gets. Anyway, I’ve heard countless players talk about Kante on the radio over the course of the season and it’s always in glowing terms. They’re in awe of his ability and the ground he covers. Everyone wants him in their side because they understand how much easier he makes life for everyone else, and that’s the definition of a player’s player.

Rishay: 100% it will be Kante. He’s the only nominee who isn’t a pure attacker. Kante is an anomaly, which is also a metaphor for his career to date. An unbelievable engine room in the midfield for Chelsea and Leicester and you can easily understand why he has won (or is about to win) back to back league titles. He has been simply outstanding, and isn’t the typical “flashy celebrity” media personality either. I’ll be shocked if it’s not him.

After missing out last year is this Kante’s year?

Bernie: It should be but it won’t be. This is going to be a tragedy. He’s been fantastic! The man’s pockets are full of the best attacking players in the league, especially Paul Pogba. He does the work of two men. Kante is the best centre midfielder in the world so he should win.

Rishay: Lightning doesn’t strike the same spot twice, is how the saying goes. Kante has done exactly this, proving that he isn’t just a one hit wonder, like the rest of the Leicester team (arguably). The same Chelsea team finished mid-table last season, so with the addition of Kante, they’re on top by a fair distance. You can give the tactical and motivational credit to Conte for the rest of the squad, but I get tired seeing Kante’s individual highlights. Imagine how his opponents feel.

Which deserving player missed out and who should they replace?

Bernie: Dele Alli is in the young player category and we know he’s going to walk away with that. He’s got 16 goals from midfield and is a creative outlet. For me he’s been Spurs’ best player so he would have to get there over Kane if we had to pick just one Tottenham player, but we don’t. Zlatan has been great but as much as he’s carried Man Utd and deserves praise for it, he’s also held them back with his wastefulness. So swap Zlatan for Delle Alli is my vote.

Mohaned: Dele Alli for sure is having a great second half of the season. I think his contribution overall to Spurs’ season has been above that of Kane’s.

Alex: Agreed about Alli, although I’m also going to throw Victor Wanyama’s name into the ring. He has been an absolute colossus for Spurs this season, and with long injuries to Alderweireld and Vertonghen at various stages, Wanyama has played a massive role in making Tottenham’s defence record what it is. I’d take Ibra out of the equation.

Rishay: I have no arguments with the five selected, though there may have been some honourable mentions, such as Eriksen and Alli. Can we also have some defenders? Perhaps Vertonghen/Alderweireld? Luiz/Cahill/Azpilicueta?, Rojo/Bailly/Valencia?

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  1. Dele Ali deserves to win…… Ibrahimovic is another football legend who is winning because its not easy to be performing wanders at his age…

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