Atletico Madrid vs. Leicester: Poetic Preview

Leicester are still in the Champions League,
Having beaten Sevilla, it’s hard to believe,
but there they are in the draw as the rounds wear on,
They’ll face Atletico Madrid at the Stade Calderon.

There’s an element of retro to this modern duel,
it’s the battle that once more makes 4-4-2 cool,
Simeone and Shakespeare, pitting their wits,
hoping to instill enough passion and grit
into Torres and Vardy, Ndidi and Gabi,
Into Huth and Wes Morgan even if they are a bit flabby,
and as Mahrez impishly skips down the right,
he’d better track back or he’s in for a fright.

There’ll be Felipe Luis bombing up from the back,
and Saul Niguez who loves a speculative crack,
And will anybody work like Shinji Okazaki,
he’ll surely at some point test Jan Oblak, he,
pops up with a crucial goal here and there,
but then there’s Griezmann with his pace and his hair,
and at some point you know he’ll get on his bike, he’ll,
at least force a save from in-form Kasper Schmeichel.

But if Atleti should perhaps get a corner,
Attention may turn to Danny Drinkwater,
who’ll be waiting to counter and send his side up the pitch,
where they’ll likely be met by Stefan Savic,
but with their pace and their power and Albrighton’s elan,
all it would take is to get a yard on Juanfran,
and to whip something in, a devilish cross,
Slimani might be slow but with his head he’s a boss,

Now I know what you’re thinking, no mention yet of Koke,
nor Simpson or Fuchs, I’ve omitted them both, they,
got swallowed up in my thoughts about the Ranieri fiasco,
Ah, and one more – Ferreira Carrasco.

And as for the result, well…you just never know.
With Cholo and Shakey there’ll be through balls and long throws,
and I can’t quite predict how this one will end,
but it’ll be pleasure enough,
just to watch Godin defend.

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