Football managers say the craziest things

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This season on the Coshcast we’ve highlighted a few quotes from managers in the English Premier League. Sure, most of them have come from David Moyes but give us a break, the man is a legend. This week has been a hall of fame week for unbelievable statements from the bosses of the league. We thought you’d enjoy a quick round up. Share your thoughts in the comments as usual.

Jose Mourinho on Luke Shaw: “He had a good performance but it was his body with my brain. He was in front of me and I was making every decision for him.”

Why the special one felt he needed to publicly shame 21 year old Luke Shaw I’ll never know. We know Mourinho thinks he gets the best out of his players this way but his treatment of Shaw this season has been disgraceful. Constantly calling him out and embarrassing him publicly time and time again. Let’s not forget, Shaw got treated like this after coming on and playing well, earning the penalty that drew United level with Everton. Perhaps Jose should build Shaw up instead of knock him down. The England left back is a wonderfully talented player. Unfortunately it will be another young player’s career Jose is threatening to ruin.

Craig Shakespeare on Jamie Vardy: “Thankfully he didn’t go to Ibiza and it’s fair to say he made the right decision, considering how well he has done.”

In 2012 Leicester signed Vardy from Fleetwood Town for 1m pounds. He struggled in his first season and decided it was best to give up on football and instead go to work as a party rep in Ibiza. Credit to Shakespeare for helping Vardy realize he’d be making a TERRIBLE decision, but why did it even get this far? What kind of person gives up kicking a ball around in front of random strangers. Is organizing foam parties on a on a Spanish Island really any better? Actually, there might be an argument to be made there. In any case, we thank you Craig. That said, I’m not sure that anyone of Thai or Japanese descent is happy he chose football over the high life.

Pep and Arsene on a top four finish:

Pep – “I’m not saying that I would prefer it to the FA Cup but it’s like winning titles, definitely, because there are so many strong teams.”

Arsene – “I think Guardiola said that in England to be in the top four is a trophy because it’s so difficult. So we are in good company to fight for it.”

This is just nonsense. The top four is not a trophy. The Premier League is a trophy, the FA Cup is a trophy even the EFL Cup is a trophy! The top four is an objective. Guardiola’s season has not gone according to plan and he’s trying to salvage what’s left of it by going along with the Wenger cop-out. Arsenal are in a state of free-fall so it must have been comforting for Arsene to see Guardiola stoop to his level. Here’s hoping Pep is actually playing mind games and goes back to trying to win actual trophies, not imaginary ones.

David Moyes on the reaction to his comment to a female reporter: “I’ve been surprised [by the reaction] in many ways, but I’ve done my job with the players.”

DAVID, DAVID, DAVID. ARE YOU INSANE!? How can you be surprised by this? You talked about a reporter being naughty and deserving a slap as if this is 1965. Come on! Also, of course you’ve done your job with the players but I’m sure everyone associated with Sunderland wishes you would do a better job. Just something to consider, Dave.

If you heard any other interesting quotes from managers in the Premier League or indeed around the world, let us know on Twitter, Facebook and the comments section below.


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