Jurgpep Guardiolopp

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It’s the Coshcast coming at you like an Ashley Young cross to the back post for Fellaini, pretty uncool, but extremely reliable.

We start in the Premier League where City and Liverpool had more misses than that bloke that thanked all of his in his post-match interview, then we’ll move onto Spurs and Saints in the battle to decide who really will be marching in. There’s also Manchester United’s resurgence, Arsenal’s Tim Burton-esque spiral and of course, Chelsea’s utter grit and determination which they somehow possess despite having very few Englishmen.

Elsewhere we’ll visit Italy and Spain where Kroos does it again, check in on Toronto FC who pull off a maneuver in Vancouver and serve up the week’s best idiots in Mumu of the Week. Are you sitting comfortably?


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