Kante’s Omnipresence

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It’s the Coshcast hoping not to get banned for stamping on your ears.

We start this week with the ever romantic FA Cup in which Millwall manage to be racist, injure Harry Kane and pop Vincent Janssen’s cherry in one afternoon, Manchester United try to bully Chelsea and find that they Kante after Herrera’s error, Arsenal find their level and Manchester City make Pep so happy.

Elsewhere there’s a few Premier League games to discuss featuring Bournemouth, Everton and Liverpool, and a brilliant weekend of shenanigans across Europe. Inter beat Atalanta at a canter, Juve Miland on their feet and Real Madrid inch closer to La Liga title after Betis can’t decide between zonal and man-marking and choose to do neither.

Mumu of the Week, a quick quiz and Toronto FC’s exploits in Philadelphia are also involved. Push the button.

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