Panenkas And Title Races

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Coshcast time!

Where else to start but at the Etihad where Citeh had a 2-0 lead against Spurs pulled back, and where Kyle Walker did his best impression of Brexit as he pushed Sterling into an unrecoverable position.

Elsewhere Llorente and Firmino get doubles like they’re at a Caribbean grocer, do Arsenal fans look like spanners with their banner banter?, and has Ranieri missed a therapy session, because the Tinkerman seems to have returned.

We’ll also take a look at Spain where Sergio Ramos once again answers Real Madrid’s prayer, Italy, where Mandzukic, Dybala and Higuain form a holy trinity and of course the African Cup of Nations, where I’ve been forced to lose faith in Algeria after only a week, after picking them to win the tournament.

Knock it up to the big man

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