Pep slander & Pogbaganda

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It’s the Coshcast, warming your hearts from Toronto like yet another meme of Justin Trudeau cuddling something.

We start as ever in the Premier League where Everton eat City for breakfast as easily as Ronald Koeman eats buttered bread with sprinkles, Manchester United fail to beat Liverpool despite all the Pogbaganda, Arsenal and Spurs ease to victories and Chelsea show that should Costa leave, it’s fine, because Marcus Alonso is there to score all the goals.

We’ll crane our necks to see what’s been going on across Europe as Real Madrid suffer a Sevilla defeat that ends their unbeaten run, and speaking of teams that are rarely beaten, Juventus’ lead at the top of Seria A is cut to just a point, which almost certainly means they’ll win their next game while everyone around them loses.

A touch of African Cup of Nations, a quick quiz and a round up of football’s latest stupid off the pitch moments seal the deal. On we go.

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