A Great Day For Einsteins

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It’s flu season and so we’ve got an industrial strength Coshcast for you.

We start in the Premier League where Manchester United  are so clueless against Chelsea that they make the invasion of Iraq look strategic and well planned, City suffer from loose Stones, Liverpool Coutinho to impress, and Swansea and Watford play out an epic thril – nah I’m just kidding, we’re not talking about that.

We will however check in on La Liga where the Bernabeu hosted Bilbao, Atleti suffer a Sevilla shock and it was a case of Mounir yet so far for Valencia at the Camp Nou.

An Italian sommario takes a look at Joao Mario’s Inter, Roma’s scintillating form and Milan’s outstanding victory over Juventus. All this, Mumu of the Week, Toronto FC and Stefan Quizling finish the move. Have a dig.

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