Red Monday, Red Icardi.

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This week, on the Coshcast:

Liverpool United shares similarities with abstinence in that both are anti-climax. Mourinho spoils Liverpool’s party again but only by a De Gea’s breadth while Chelsea do to Leicester what everyone did to them last season, Bob Bradley wears a pullover but can’t pull one over on old Arsene, and Manchester City ask if they can trade their penalties in for corners as they continue to find themselves useless from 12 yards.

There’s drama across Europe where Granada suffer a Carrasco fiasco as Atleti hit them for seven, Barcelona’s opposition: were they outplayed or were Depor? and in Italy the Inter ultras show Mauro the red Icardi while Roma snappily beat Napoli.

Mumu of the Week, a lovely little quiz and a Toronto FC update put the icing on the Coshcake. Let’s eat.

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