The Shambles That Is Sunderland AFC

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The most hated clubs in the English Premier League are usually the guys at the top. For so long, jealousy fueled fans hatred of Manchester United. Now, Chelsea’s Russian oil money machine is now the most hated team in the land. Again, part of this is jealousy, the other part is that they have been accused of spending their way to the top. Love them or hate them these clubs and other top clubs in the league should be respected for showing ambition.

Sunderland however, is a disgracefully run football club. Football fans everywhere should be insulted by the way this football club performs season in, season out. It’d be better if they were relegated and spent a few years in the wilderness in order to reassess how they operate. Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. If that’s the case then Sunderland are the custodians of the asylum.

How does it make sense that a Premier League club hasn’t won a game in the first two months of the season, for four years? It shows a consistently genuine lack of preparation. Some serious questions have to be asked. On the transfer side, are the players being brought in up to scratch? Does the manager bring in who he wants or is there some bogus transfer committee? Are the players integrating properly?

As far as the managers are concerned, are they setting the proper expectations of their players? Are they setting up training properly? Perhaps the biggest question is whether the board is doing enough to ensure the club is competitive when the season starts. I feel as if the answer to all these questions is a resounding “NO”!

David Moyes wasn’t supported in the transfer window (deja-vu?). Many of the players at Sunderland bar Jermaine Defoe and Patrick Van Aaanholt are not worthy of the Premier League. The transfer policy has  been a complete shambles. There’s no sign that this situation will improve so if they survive this season, expect another quagmire of a transfer window and summer preparation in 2017.

For Sunderland’s poor starts to each of the past four seasons, the club usually turns things around when the Tyne-Wear derby with Newcastle comes about. They unfailingly beat Newcastle and then manage to put a few good results together, slump again, finish strong and narrowly avoid relegation.

Sunderland give you that false sense of hope that they have figured things out. The manager who saves them looks like an absolute genius. Gus Poyet experienced this, Paulo Di Canio did so before absolutely burning the club to the ground. Dick Advocaat saved the club from relegation. He managed to convince his wife to allow him to delay his retirement plans, only for the team to revert to form and he decided to take her advice (although he reneged on that once more for Fenerbache).

Sam Allardyce was seen as the solution; a former player who could instill passion into the side. He did just that, saving them once again, only to take the England job and disgrace himself in a corruption scandal. Now poor David Moyes has inherited the poisoned chalice. Moyes has received little support in the transfer market and the players are rubbish. He may also not be the man for the  job. Moyes should’ve waited to take over a mid-table club. One he could mould in his image over time rather than a club that seems to be stumbling around drunk in the dark.

Moyes will be sacked, Sunderland will hire some one else (Steve Bruce? Big Sam again?) and survive again. Sunderland fans will rejoice at their survival but they should be upset. Sunderland should just do us all a favor and go down. Quite frankly, we are sick and tired of this charade. Newcastle went down and Rafa Benitez has tried to transform the football club from the ground up. There’s a long way to go in the Championship but Rafa has brought in some very useful players, upgraded the youth program and Newcastle look in good shape to get right back up. Sunderland perhaps could use that type of downfall to change their habits.

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  1. This is actually so true I am a Sunderland fan and would be happy for us to go down sought our finances and the running of the club then come back up and make slow steady progress

  2. Pickford Kone Kirchhoff Khazri 1 homegrown future England keeper and 3 quality signings bought by big Sam , just 4 I plucked off the top of my head after this muppet said we only had 2 quality players, stick to reporting your national sports of which I know nothing and therefore couldn’t comment on and neither should I, ps and by the way it’s Man City we all hate now

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