Mourinho wins in Fergie-time

Welcome to Episode 3 of Season 4!

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This week on the Coshcast:

The Premier League (apart from West Brom) delivers goals again as Watford lose to Arsenal after a first half so sinfully awful that the Hornets turn to Pereyra to restore some faith. Meanwhile Manchester United are grateful for Rashford’s focus, the Swans waddle after Jamie Vardy as Leicester win at home and Spurs and Liverpool take out their ironing boards in a game that saw more pressing than the local dry cleaner.

In Italy Juventus win again as Lazio freeze with Khedira in the headlights and in Naples, Napoli and Milan see visions of the Spanish flag with yellows and reds all over the place. We’ve also got Mateja Quizman, Mumu of the Week and of course? Toronto FC. Andiamo!

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