Coshcast: Portugal win the Euros & live happily Eder after

Welcome to Episode 48!

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Portugal win Euro 2016 at the Stade de France. Can you believe it!?

As Ronaldo was stretchered off the field, all hope surely was lost for the Portuguese. Two hours later, their captain was lifting the trophy for all his country men to see. What a roller coaster of emotions this Euro 2016 have been. From Wales, and Iceland representing the minnows, to an Italy and Germany penalty shootout like nothing we have seen before, to a grand upset as the hosts lose on home soil in the dying minutes of extra time.

We have put together a team of the tournament which we discuss on the Pod:

.                      LLoris

Bonucci          Pepe         Boateng

Gunnarsson  Ramsey

.                    Kroos

Nani                          Ronaldo

.              Bale

.                 Griezmann

We also talk about Messi’s taxes, Klopp’s new contract, all the transfer news and so much more. Enjoy!

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