Coshcast: Euro 2016 leaving it late and business end of the COPA

Welcome to Episode 45!

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On the Coshcast this week, we hope to keep you thoroughly entertained throughout, unlike the Euro 2016 where its only good in the last 5 minutes of games, as France, England, Czech, Italy, & Hungary leave it extremely late to get their results. The Euro’s are now entering their final matchday for all groups. At the top, the fight for guaranteed qualification continues for the 1st and 2nd spots while everyone else scrambles to try and get hold of that coveted 3rd spot, of which 4 out of 6 will qualify.

COPA Centenario is next on the Agenda as the tournament starts to become relevant in the quarter finals, once all the dross have left. Mexico didn’t help that theory but we’ll get to that, as Chile find themselves in 7th heaven. Argentina face the USA in the Semi’s as Chile take on Colombia. Whatever the results, the final will be a sizzling affair.

Come in, join us, but please leave the flares at the door.

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