Season 3 Episode 33: Lukaku koo kachew

Welcome to Episode 33!

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Hello! This week on the Coshcast, it’s an FA Cup and Premier League mashup stronger than anything DJ Khalid could come up with.

United draw with West Ham. It may be St. Patrick’s Day but Arsenal fans need no excuse to start drinking after watching their side be given what for by Watford, and though Everton and Chelsea fans are always blue by nature it’s Chelsea fans who must now look even more longingly at Lukaku after their own striker turns into a vampire.

Elsewhere we’ve got Premier League action, a round-up of European news – not featuring the potential Brexit – and an update from North America as MLS moves into week two. Fortunately, a lot of people have been stupid this week so Mumu of the Week will also be stronger than a Robert Huth shoulder barge. Let’s crack on.

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