Liverpool: A Leap of Faith

On our latest podcast we touched on Liverpool’s 1-2 victory over Crystal Palace. Here, @Real_LFC_Fan discusses how the team have bounced back from their League Cup Final defeat, and who the standout performers have been for Klopp’s evolving side.


There it goes…Liverpool’s chance of winning silverware this season. I mean, I have faith that we can progress in the Europa League, but let’s be honest, shaky performances and scrappy wins will not get Liverpool very far.

It would be very funny though, if Liverpool managed to make it through to the finals with questionable wins. Liverpool played a total of six matches in February, and did the best they could with whatever players were available. Several players have come back from injury and many have already gone back to the physio room. We’ve had the great pleasure of seeing Sturridge, Coutinho and Firmino play together and dare I say, it has been magnificent.

Lucas has arguably been one of the most consistent players in the squad, whether as a defensive midfielder or centre-back. I have always been a fan of him, especially since he came back from a knee ACL injury in 2012. He proves to be one of the most integral members of the team, leading the defensive line every single week. One can say that the years have caught up to Lucas but in all honesty it is only his speed (and sometimes his infamous yellow cards) that can hold him back. He looked like a real captain against Manchester City in the League Cup final and he can definitely extend his stay at Liverpool as a center-back. Too bad he has picked up another injury.

Losing a final on penalties is one of the most unfair things in life…even with an overall club record of 14 wins and three losses (now four) in penalty shootouts. Obviously, I was crushed when I saw the absolutely devastating excuse for penalties that were taken by Liverpool. I mean, I understand you’ve just played 120 minutes of football but what were you thinking, Coutinho?! You can’t just make a run, pause and then shoot! And where were penalty-masters Milner and Henderson? There are so many questions and so few answers. At least Mignolet was able to redeem himself after a very Mignolet screw-up that led to Manchester City taking the lead in the second half. Had this match been played on Leap Day, for the next four years we could have pretended like it never happened.

At time of writing it is four days post-Wembley and Liverpool have just thrashed Manchester City 3-0 at Anfield. Fun fact: City are without a win at Anfield in 13 years (basically, when the club was formed amirite!?). It has been another inspired performance by the Reds, responding well to the loss during the weekend, just like Klopp said they would.

Liverpool could potentially fight for a top-four position, with Arsenal and Tottenham both dropping points as well, but the team have been so truly unpredictable this season that there is honestly no way I can tell you where the team will end up. For the most part, the performances have been decent and the team have just been lacking in the finishing department.

Regardless of the situation, I truly have faith in Klopp and what he’s attempting to create with what he has at his disposal.

P.s. Anyone know why Man City fans love the Gerrard song so much?



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