Danny Dichio goes Under The Cosh (Interview)

On a cold January morning in Toronto, we visited Danny Dichio at Toronto FC’s Kia Training Ground and put him Under The Cosh on a plethora of topics including his move to North America, his work as a youth coach, Toronto FC and the Premier League. The FA Cup was also upon us that weekend and we got Danny’s predictions. Have a listen to see if you should place bets on his opinions next time out! Enjoy, and scroll down for some of his standout quotes.

On the Canadian national team

“I really think in ten years time you’re going to see a very strong Canadian team that will be competing with the likes of the US and even Mexico”

On the race for the Premier League title

“I feel that it’s between Arsenal and Man City with a dark horse of Spurs creeping in there…I really like what Pochettino has done with that Spurs squad.”

No love for Leicester City it seems, eh Danny?

On Louis Van Gaal & Manchester United
Would Dichio want to play under LVG?

“It would frustrate the hell out of me”




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