Get out of my club, bruv.

Like we did this time last year, we’re going to avoid writing about incoming transfer rumours (we’ll save that for discussion on the podcast) and instead turn to fans of teams across Europe and ask: “who do you want to see leave your club?”

The results are in, and some may surprise you. So, alphabetically…

Arsenal | Mean Lean

 *Scratches chin*

Who I would prefer to be sold is a difficult one at this moment, difficult because we are currently searching around London Colny for fit players.

Under different circumstances I’d go for the obvious Mathieu Debuchy as he is clearly pushing for a move, but we do not have much in the way of natural cover at right back at present so I will go with Mathieu Flamini. He has done as good a job as you could have asked of him but it looks like he will be replaced fairly shortly with Mohamed Elneny.

Flamini is coming towards the end of his deal at Arsenal and I don’t see him staying on. So thank you Flam, all I ask of you now is to leave Arsenal with that unbeaten home record intact.

Mario Rivas

This might surprise most fans, but a player that I would not worry about leaving is Jack Wilshere. Now hold up a tick and listen.  Jacky boy is an Arsenal man through and through, and he has been at the club for 8 seasons now. Yet he has only made 100 appearances for Arsenal and he has yet to feature this season. Not appearing this season and making around 90k/w? I would cut my losses and if Man City were to come in with 25m, ship him away.

Barcelona | Diana Uzum
Douglas. He’s not good enough, he almost never plays, he gets injured when he rarely does and we have plenty of cover for his right-back position in Dani Alves, Alex Vidal and Sergi Roberto. Douglas basically shouldn’t have been bought but that ship has sailed so he should be on the next boat out.


With the transfer window just open, I’d love too see Hernanes moved. After Juventus panic-bought him for 11 million euros, yes 11 million euros, he’s consistently been the worst player on the pitch for the bianconeri and has forced Allegri to turn to the 3-5-2 definitively. In fact, his most notable contribution thus far was getting sent off in a crucial Champions League clash against Borussia Moenchengladbach. While I’m not usually this adamant on selling a player who arrived just six months ago, I simply don’t see the former Inter man improving in any way and it’s time to cut our losses.

Liverpool | @Real_LFC_Fan

The month of December has been a rough one for Liverpool. Performances and results have been average to poor and frustrating, so when asked which player I’d like to see sold immediately, I realized that it was quite hard to pick just one. Two specific games have stood out to me the most, though: Leicester at Anfield and Sunderland at the Stadium of Light. Although both fixtures were won 1-0 and both goals were scored by Benteke, I feel like he has been the biggest liability to the team. He
managed to miss TWO one-on-one clear goal scoring opportunities two games in a row!

Apart from these massive gaffes, Benteke, in my opinion, has not been giving 100% on the pitch in general. His lack of mobility (the key to attacking) creates a problem for his team mates and limits their opportunities and potential. This is of course, not disregarding that fact that the Reds themselves have had an overall decline in performance, but it has become obvious that he does not fit in the system that Klopp wants to establish at Liverpool.

Manchester United | Ken Frampton

I’ll start by saying that one of the things Louis Van Gaal can claim he’s been successful at so far has been clearing out much of the chaff in the United squad. And there was a lot of it.

There are still a handful of players that I’d be happy to see the back of – Victor Valdes for being petulant, Marouane Fellaini for simply not being good enough and for encouraging us to play lump-ball as our Plan B and Antonio Valencia for his consistent inability to either take on a man or complete a cross.

But in a surprise move, I will nominate Phil ‘Calamity’ Jones as the player that I would happily drive to the airport. I’m not sure how a man who was once compared favourably to Duncan Edwards by no less an authority than Sir Bobby Charlton turned out to be so fragile – but there you go. Not only is he not really getting better as a footballer, he’s always in treatment. The end of this sad, monster of Frankenstein-style experiment would pave the way for the arrival of a proper centre-half to partner Chris Smalling.

Southampton | Rob Palmer
Wanyama needs selling. It’s clear that he’s unhappy, for some reason. When he signed he was useless, he couldn’t pass and he wasn’t fit enough to play a full 90. He was given special, tailored training sessions by Pochettino to improve his game and fitness. Yet still in the summer he refused to play for the club after a bid was made. His attitude on the pitch in the last few games also shows that his football is the last thing on his mind. A player like that is poison at any club and needs shifting.

Tottenham Hotspur | Nikhil Saglani

Despite the excellent season Mauricio Pochettino’s Tottenham have had, and the unity amongst the squad that exists, there are still players that aren’t featuring enough. One such example is Federico Fazio. The former Sevilla man joined Spurs in the summer of 2014 – and did not hit the ground running. In the early months, his two red cards and several clumsy performances did not warm Spurs fans towards him. Despite his impressive record at centre-back with Jan Vertonghen, Fazio earned himself few plaudits and therefore, it’d be best for Spurs to part ways with the Argentinian centre half. It’s rumoured that his former club, and also West Brom, are interested in his signature – but a move back to Spain may just suit Fazio best.

Valencia | David Wall

This is the first time in a while that, as a Valencia fan, I don’t think there is any player that should absolutely be sold. But, if I had to sell one player it would be Matthew Ryan, not because he’s a bad goalkeeper or has topped out his potential, but because we have two more top goalkeepers (Jaume and Alves) in the squad already and a very promising youth prospect waiting in the wings (Sivera). It doesn’t seem fair to keep Ryan on the bench, and we’ve seen before what having too many top goalkeepers can do to the dressing room morale. One of them has to go, and my vote is for Ryan.

Anurag Nikhare

 The most frustrating player over the past season and a half, for me, has been Rodrigo. After his excellent performances with the Spain U-21’s the expectations of him were high, but his contribution on the field has been anything but. He has been wasteful in front of goal, his passing has been average and, especially in the big games, he looks overwhelmed. Though he has age on his side, he’s the one player I’d like to see the team sell. Valencia have enough talent to cover for his departure.

Our thanks to all who participated.
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